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- It can happily handle three streams of 8K RAW video or 12 streams of 4K simultaneously
  1. The Apple Mac Pro 12222 is incredibly powerful and monstrously ugly
  2. Mac Pro 12222 release date – When is the new Mac Pro coming out?
  3. Mac Pro (Late 2013) - Technical Specifications
  4. Mac Pro 12222 release date – When is the new Mac Pro coming out?
  5. Mac Pro - Technical Specifications - Apple

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The Apple Mac Pro 12222 is incredibly powerful and monstrously ugly

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External Hard Drives. Computer Parts. View All Accessories. The Mac Pro offers buyers some appealing build-to-order options. It relies on its six external Thunderbolt 2 ports for add-ons. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth come built-in. Audio professionals should know that the Mac Pro has a combined optical digital audio input and analog output minijack.

Mac Pro 12222 release date – When is the new Mac Pro coming out?

And our first set of tests reflects that. If you use applications that can take advantage of as many processing cores as are available, then the Mac Pro really shines. In April , Apple provided some much-needed insight into the Mac Pro. The current models were originally offered as build-to-order options for the models released about four years ago. So the current Mac Pro still sports old technology.

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That's especially important because the "trash can" Mac Pro eschewed the more familiar PC tower design of its predecessor, which allowed for easy user-upgradable drive bays, memory and graphic cards. By contrast, the unique tubular design system meant only a handful of components could be updated later on, and even those were difficult to access.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) - Technical Specifications

But Apple has finally given professional Mac users who've felt left out in the cold for the past many years reason for optimism. The company also revealed -- in a rare bit peek behind its curtain of secrecy -- that an entirely new Mac Pro desktop design is in the works.

That sounds like something close to the classic desktop tower Mac Pro, but that future system is still a ways off, coming at some unspecified time after Additional custom upgrade configurations are available on Apple's website. If you're still tempted by the current version of the Mac Pro, know that it's a very interesting desktop with some notable features and and an impressive aesthetic. But, it's also less flexible than what a design or creative pro might need.

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On the other hand, it's a potentially good choice if you need desktop-level power in a very portable package for travel or on-location video editing work. The biggest issue with the Mac Pro remains its non-standard motherboard and barely-upgradable components.

Mac Pro 12222 release date – When is the new Mac Pro coming out?

When we reviewed the original model, we said :. Inside the Mac Pro is a triangular hunk of metal that acts a both a heat sink and the central structure the motherboard and components are attached to. Those RAM slots are the most user-accessible component inside, although Apple says the SSD and graphics cards could be swapped out as well, but it certainly wouldn't be as easy as it is on a traditional desktop tower.

It was a far cry from the huge rectangular desktop designs seen elsewhere, including in previous Mac Pro desktops. In those, empty motherboard slots could be filled with extra components, especially graphics cards, and drive bays could be filled with massive amounts of post-purchase hard-drive storage.

Mac Pro - Technical Specifications - Apple

In contrast, the Mac Pro was built around a different concept. Power users who are willing to wait past for the redesigned Mac Pro will get a computer that Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller called "by definition, a modular system. Either way, though, those same power users can take solace in the fact that the eventual Mac Pro update will also coincide with new Apple-branded pro displays.

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That will reverse Apple's exit from the monitor market, when it dumped its Thunderbolt Display.