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Mac OS X Lion Automation Release Notes
  1. 1. Install Xcode and the Command Line Tools
  2. Tutor for Mac OS X Yosemite
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You can also access setup guidelines for other platforms Windows, iOS, Android and more here. This guide explains how you can download, install and sign in to the application. It also provides advice on choosing the most suitable server for your needs and connecting to it.

1. Install Xcode and the Command Line Tools

Furthermore, it explains the changeable application settings, such as Kill Switch, Connect on Start and more. OpenVPN is a versatile protocol that supports a great number of strong encryption algorithms and ciphers. Given the rise in popularity of Macs over recent years, there has been a bigger trend towards developing Mac applications and you'll find that most major programs come in both Windows and Mac versions. There are even a ton of apps that are specifically designed for the Mac and therefore often offer a far richer user experience.

They are designed with OS X in mind and really utilize its features rather than simply being a port of the Windows version. The best place to start looking for apps is the Mac App Store, as you'll find a good range of applications there to get you started, sorted according to category and rating.

Tutor for Mac OS X Yosemite

You'll need an Apple ID and will have to to register your payment information with the App Store even if you only plan to download free apps before you can start downloading. Not all apps available for the Mac can be bought from the App Store due to Apple's strict guidelines. However, you can find a pretty wide selection on there there's around 11, to choose from. Otherwise, apps can be purchased from individual developer websites without any problems.

One interesting peculiarity about OS X is the way you install apps. Most apps come in the form of a DMG disk image file, which has to be mounted onto a virtual drive before it can be installed. You can mount as many images as you want without any problems, however bear in mind that the images have to be unmounted before deletion. To mount a disk image, simply double-click on it in Finder.

It should pop up on the desktop as a white mounted drive and also in the Favorites bar of the Finder we saw earlier. To unmount it, simply drag its icon to the Trash which should turn temporarily into an Eject symbol or click on the little Eject symbol next to it in the Favourites bar of the Finder. As Macs are all about simplicity, most disk images make installing the program a piece of cake.

Portfolio site of Timmy Cai » Creator of meaningful web and print designs |

Simply grab the application icon and drag it into your Applications folder, where it will copy across all files needed. Some programs e. Now we've looked at some of the basic functions of OS X, let's conclude this tutorial by spending a bit of time getting to know OS X on a deeper level. The System Preferences pane, accessible from the Apple menu in the top-left hand corner of your desktop, is the control center for your Mac. This is where you can tweak virtually every aspect of your computer. It is fairly self-explanatory and is sorted into a variety of sections to help you find your way around better.

Remember, if you're not sure of a particular section, be sure to click on the? We will also be featuring a series on System Preferences entitled Getting Intimate With Your System Preferences over the next few weeks, so for a more in-depth look at each item head over there! Apple periodically release updates to both their own software and hardware to ensure complete compatibility with your Mac and, more importantly, to patch up any security holes and bugs discovered.

Since Mountain Lion, the Software Update function has been bundled in with the App Store instead of being a standalone application. However, its functionality is still pretty much the same. Most Mac apps also have their own built-in update system and some such as Google Chrome will automatically download and install updates in the background, so you're always running on the most current version. Be sure to check the Automatically check for updates option, which will look for updates in the background as you use your Mac. If any are due to be installed, a window will pop-up prompting you to install the necessary updates or a notification will appear in the Notification Center on Mountain Lion.

Keyboard shortcuts are always take some getting used to when you start using a new operating system, so I've listed a couple of useful ones here for reference!

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But there are a couple that are unique to OS X:. Of course, each application has its own keyboard shortcuts as well and I could spend all day going through them all. However, a really quick and easy way to access a list of all keyboard shortcuts for any particular program is to download CheatSheet , which is free and brings up a window of all common keyboard shortcuts for the particular program you are using simply by holding down the Command key.

Congratulations, you've reached the end! I hope that these tips will help you get up and running with OS X, it really is a simple operating system to use and I'm sure that once you've used it for a couple of weeks, you'll feel right at home.

Learn Mac OS X Mountain Lion

We'll be featuring all sorts of tutorials over the coming weeks and months that really delve into each nook and cranny of OS X but for starters, head over to the OS X Tutorials category for some starters. And please share any useful tips, keyboard shortcuts and general advice in the Comments section below for the benefit of all readers on this site and for your dear author as well! Save Now. Subscribe Sign In. Web Design.

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Learning Guides. Computer Skills OS X. This post is part of a series called Mac for Beginners. Firefox for Beginners. In Switzerland, for example, Macs enjoy a usage share of A stack the Documents folder in Grid view.

TUTORIAL : MAC Lion OS X Time Machine Setup & Demo [HD]

The menu on OS X Finder in OS X, with my home folder on show. The toolbar in Finder icons explained below. Mission Control. Five active desktops open in Mission Control. Installing an application is as simple as dragging its icon into the Applications folder - OS X will do the rest for you. You can change the options for Software Update by heading over to its panel in System Preferences.

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