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A trial version app for Mac, by Macromedia
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Help System Get your questions answered fast with a comprehensive help system.

Find all the information you need, including product help and Lingo and JavaScript syntax reference guides, in one convenient place. Stage Docking Improve productivity and reduce window clutter with Stage docking. Start Page Gain quick access to recently used files, help, and tutorials through the Start page.

Window Properties Work efficiently and quickly customize the look of your windows in Director projectors.

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Complex tasks, such as creating window and drag masks, are as simple as selecting a cast member in a pop-up menu. Projector Publishing Panel Reduce the time required to publish Director applications by saving projector settings on a per-project basis. Embed, control, and play back DVD movies with other types of media to create powerful interactive experiences. This easy-to-use visual tool eliminates the need for the majority of DVD-related scripting and speeds up the creation of sophisticated interactivity.

Select from three styles to control nearly every aspect of DVD movie navigation.

DXR File Extension - What is a .dxr file and how do I open it?

Adobe Shockwave Player Be confident that your games, applications, eLearning courses, demos, and prototypes are customer-ready for the web thanks to popular Adobe Shockwave Player software, available as a free download for Universal Mac and Windows platforms and already on the majority of computers worldwide.

Easy Multiversion Output Broaden your market reach by authoring once and publishing across platforms and technologies with output that is customer-ready for virtually all computers as well as kiosks, DVDs, CDs, and the web. Unicode Support Easily localize your games, applications, demos, training courses, and prototypes for international markets with Unicode support.

Windows Vista Support Publish your standalone applications for virtually all Windows based computers, including those running Microsoft Windows Vista. Xtra Plug-Ins Extend your authoring environment, as well as the playback engine, with an ever-expanding ecosystem of third-party Xtras. ByteArray Datatype Access and manipulate binary data using the ByteArray datatype, new to version Application Control Create fully featured applications that can access, launch, and control other applications from within your Director project.

Accessibility Support Create content that meets government accessibility guidelines -- including Section guidelines.

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Director lets you add text-to-speech, captioning, and tab-navigation features to web-based Shockwave content or standalone applications on both Windows and Mac systems. Director automatically generates the intermediate frames for you. You can use any of the included animation behaviors or design your own with the built-in scripting language called Lingo. Another Dimension in Multimedia Director 8.

But what Director lacks in modeling capability, it more than makes up for with a very slick 3D rendering engine developed by Intel, and with a smooth integration path for adding solid objects and assigning appropriate behaviors from the new 3D Behaviors Library. Integrated into the 3D engine are bones animation, cartoon-esqe rendering, and particle physics for generating effects such as fog and wind.

Although you can create amazing animations with these pre-programmed behaviors, there are more than new Lingo scripting commands that enable these attributes to be precisely controlled by those experienced in Lingo programming. The rendering engine is quite good, but the fluidity of the motion will depend partly on what 3D hardware acceleration your system provides, if any. Director 8.

Adobe Director for Mac Free download

The 3D engine and resultant Shockwave movies are smart enough to modify the degree of the detail depending on the resident hardware setup, but even our old Pentium gave us a pleasant show with the basic software renderer. Better Back-End Service The much-improved Shockwave Multiuser Server 3 lets developers add server-side Lingo scripts, which allows for simpler implementation.

Without server-side Lingo, each client movie had to include complex commands to handle multi-user tracking of movies and broadcasting information. With version 3, movies only need to include simple commands for sending and receiving messages and reacting to the feedback.

A trial version app for Mac, by Macromedia

Implementing this feature requires considerable Lingo programming expertise, but fortunately the documentation is quite effusive on this topic. Web-based Shockwave movies are, of course, platform-independent. Another quibble: The manuals, while huge, seem overly technical for most users, and they assume a good deal of prior knowledge of 3D on the part of the reader. The breathtaking price tag of Director 8. The multitude of new features in version 8.

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