How to enable wlan on mac

Wireless Diagnostics App includes utilities for getting Wi-Fi working
  1. How to Turn on Wlan Hotspot on Android
  2. How to add or remove a wireless network on your Mac
  3. Disabling a network service
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If you've been wondering whether anyone is attempting to connect to your wireless network and perhaps succeeding , the Record Events function can provide the answer. Whenever someone attempts to connect or does connect, to your network, the connection will be logged, along with the time and date.

How to Turn on Wlan Hotspot on Android

If you didn't make a connection at that time, you may want to find out who did. If you need a bit more detail than Record Events can provide, you can try the Turn on Debug Logs option, which will log details of every wireless connection made or dropped. And for those who really want to get down to the nitty-gritty of debugging a network, Capture Raw Frames will do just that; it captures all traffic on a wireless network for later analysis.

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The Wi-Fi Diagnostics application will open and present you with the option to select one of the four available functions:. You can make your selection by clicking the radio button next to the desired function. For this example, we're going to select the Monitor Performance function.

How to add or remove a wireless network on your Mac

Click Continue. The Wi-Fi Diagnostics application will display a near real-time graph showing you the signal and noise level over time. If you're trying to discover what's causing noise problems, you can try turning off or on various appliances, services, or other noise-generating items you may have in your home or office, and see how it affects the noise level. If you're trying to gain a better signal, move either the antenna or the entire wireless router or adapter to another location to see how it affects the signal level.

I discovered that just rotating one of the antennas on my wireless router improved the signal level.

Disabling a network service

The signal and noise level display shows just the last two minutes of your wireless connection's performance, however, all of the data is maintained in a performance log. With the Monitor Performance graph still displayed, click the Continue button.

You can choose to save the log to the Finder or send it as an email. I haven't been able to successfully use the Send as Email option, so I suggest selecting the Show in Finder option. Click the Report button.

How to re enable wlan mac

The report is saved to your desktop in a compressed format. You'll find details about viewing the reports at the end of this article. You can also launch the app by holding down the option key and clicking the Wi-Fi network icon in the menu bar. Select Open Wireless Diagnostics from the menu that appears.

The Wireless Diagnostics app will open and provide a brief description of what the app will do. Click the Continue button. The app needs to make some changes to your system during the diagnostic phase. Enter your admin username and password , and click OK. The Wireless Diagnostics app will check how well your wireless connection is working.

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I would really appreciate it if you would add yourself to my email list. Note: I will never share your email with anyone else. Click the Wi-Fi icon or in the menu bar and choose Create Network.

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Learn how to set up a computer-to-computer network in Windows 10 or 8. To sync using a computer-to-computer network in the future, follow the same steps to create a new network. Enter a computer name using only letters, numbers, and hyphens no spaces or special characters. Close the preferences window and restart your Mac. Click Advanced System Options on the left.


In the System Properties window, click the Computer Name tab. Click Change.

Click OK twice to save the setting, and restart Windows. Click Firewall, then click Firewall Options. Click OK.