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  1. How To Turn On Airplay On Iphone 6
  2. Screen Sharing with iOS Devices (iPads and iPhones)
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Have no Apple TV play icon. Tried all suggestions in these threads plus other sites and no success. We also have a wireless printer which loses wifi connection often so thinking these issues are related. Use a Cisco Linksys ea router.

How To Turn On Airplay On Iphone 6

I have tried all of these steps and still cannot get apple TV to work. The Icon no longer appears on any of my apple devices. Its was fine until the update. Any advice or tips on how I can sort this out. One more reason Apple sucks. A smartphone costing half the price of of an iphone6 easily hooks up to a TV for screen mirroring. Never again will i waste money on apple products of any kind, they are buggy and difficult to use.

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I turned Bluetooth off but it did not produce the airplay icon. It did not work for me. Found this issue today on my iPad and iPhone. My Bluetooth was already off. Turning it on brought AirPlay back. So I guess the action of toggling Bluetooth, either on or off, seems to rectify the problem.

Screen Sharing with iOS Devices (iPads and iPhones)

I got AirPlay to display on our Gen 2 iPads. Airplane mode stayed on and in 3 seconds the AirPlay icon displayed in the Control Center. Resolved: I HAD the same problem. The Airplay icon did not appear in the menu bar, nor did turning bluetooth off help the problem. The Built-in-Display window appears. At the bottom, be sure that Airplay display says: AppleTV and then be sure to check the box that says: Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available.

Almost immediately, the icon will appear in your menu bar. My iphone 4 legit has no airplay option my itunes can see that there is airplay on my computer and i can use it but my phone wont even have the button for airplay. Thank god for that. Ive looked everywhere for this solution and its been driving me mad.

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iOS Screen Recording

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