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In iOS, you find this identifier in the Settings app. Whatever your approach, type the MAC addresses into a text document, so you can copy and paste them later to set up access control.

Both your regular network and guest networks are controlled by the same, single set of restrictions. For instance, you might choose to disable access between 9 p.

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This entry is set to Everyday and All Day. This sets a default policy for Timed Access for any machine for which a specific limit has not been set. You can modify this entry by selecting it and making changes under Wireless Access Times. You can even changes its name by clicking that name in the list. To add more clients, click the plus sign under Wireless Clients, and enter a description and MAC address, which you can paste in.

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With that item selected, use the popup menus for day of week and time of day in the Wireless Access Times list. You can add any number of condition, and get pretty baroque, with multiple ranges of hours for every day of the week. The Access Control screen lets you add entries for each device you want to limit, or set overall policies.

If you need to enable full access or restrict a device, you have to modify the entry and restart the base station. Instead, every addresses has to have its own policy created separately.

Use Timed Access Control to restrict when devices can connect to your Apple base station Wi-Fi

One hidden feature? If all your base stations are It might be worth that just to avoid having to constantly sign in on multiple devices.

Two layers of network address translation NAT can create problems but I think it depends on the protocol used, web and email will probably be fine. Once into the simple GUI reached by default , clicking on the globe icon brings up a dialog that lets you set up the WAN side. There are a few hotel chains e.

How to find the MAC Address for WIFI in MACBOOK PRO!

I did have a problem with one Residence Inn, struggled for most of an hour, and and it turns out there were rogue SSIDs operating on the property — it was a matter of picking the right one and the front desk was clueless, but they gave me a number for their ISP, and we figured it out. I am planning to add my own DNS entries likely 1. The device has the option to backup the configuration download a file and I suggest you do that once it is set up. It once went bonkers on me, and I had to do a factory reset and restore.

Oh, one more thing… I use Encrypt.

How to Work Around Wi-Fi Hotspot Captive Portals on Browserless Devices - TidBITS

Once the connection is made, I re-enable the VPN. Great stuff, Steve, and I may pick one of those up before my next trip, since it sounds like it can make things a lot easier and potentially more secure. I happen to have an old AP Express lying around. Could something similar be achieved using just one Mac and such an old AP Express? Use the first Mac to connect to the wireless network. Set up the AP Express to use bridge mode. From then on just connect additional other wifi clients to the AP Express. The AirPort Express would needs its own wall outlet for power.

I would be very interested in the result of an experiment.

Find Apple MAC Address with CCGetMAC

Curtis, you are right. It may not even need to be in Bridge Mode if the Ethernet is attached to the LAN port on the Express, since the connection between that port and the Wi-Fi access point is an Ethernet switch on the same side of the router. Yeah, I just realized I could basically achieve what Steve describes with an old AP Express without buying a new device.

The downside of course is no battery power. What I like about a scheme like this is that it hides all my local clients from the hotel.

Especially those silly joints where they think one wifi client at a time is sufficient. I just saw the warning about not being able to join a captive-portal Wi-Fi network too.

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